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Helping Prevent Cognitive Decline

thinkwich the book- Supporting the Psychological Well-Being of the Elderly

Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia


The cognitive changes that occur as a part of aging, can result in memory lapses,  forgetfulness and an increase in the time it takes to learn or recall information.


These normal changes in cognitive ability can progress in some instances

to mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and potentially more advanced diseases or dementia.


Preventing Alzheimer's  Disease or

other forms of dementia from affecting

an aged loved one is of course, beyond anyone's direct control. Despite this fact,  research suggests that taking certain steps, may help. 


In the elderly, cognitive health is vital to psychological well-being; helping an elderly relative stay mentally active may slow cognitive decline and may also help lessen the risk of progression, with all that could entail.



Thinkwich contains thirty, specially arranged question lists that a family can use to stimulate deeper thinking and mental activity on the part of an elderly loved one.


Questions about the senior's past are sandwiched between light general questions, or those involving memory or logic. Allowing your elderly relative to engage in reminiscence about specific events in days gone by, while also actively using the thinking and recall skills needed for daily life.  


Use thinkwich every so often, during visits or calls as a source of added inspiration for increased engagement with an aged loved one.


To find out more about thinkwich, the author A.C French or see an extract from the first question list follow links below..


Available now in paperback  $14.99



and Ebook format $8.95


Authored by A.C French


Note: This book is not suitable for use in situations involving serious cognitive decline or dementia.



Useful sources of further reading


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